#1. These hats are easy to take care of.
#2. You can spot clean with a damp cloth or sprinkle with baking soda, let sit, then brush soda away using any soft brush.
#3. If you need to straighten the brim, an iron set to synthetics can be used.
#4. To stiffen brim, spray with starch and iron.
#5. To loosen band for a bigger size, iron it.
#6. To make the brim smaller, mist with water, put on your  head, tie a ribbon around it and let dry.

Yarn tricks:
#1. To add more yarn when you run out, keep 5 inches of the yarn you were using, lay 5 inches of new yarn with it, then, using the yarn you are running out of, continue to crochet new stitch, but pick up the new yarn to pull through final 2 loops on hook.
#2. If using wool yarn in above scenario, wet about 3 inches of both ends of yarn and roll through your fingers. This will ''felt' the yarns together.