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I am turning into a yarn snob the more I crochet. When I bought my first skein of recycled yarn I was a little worried about listing the finished product as made from recycled yarn. That didn't last long as I worked with the yarn.

My imagination saw the original purchase, a back story and then saving the outgrown sweater. I loved that first hat so much I kept it for myself.

Another wonderful thing about recycled yarn is the feel. Much softer than new. And, you know, not another person on earth will ever have a hat, sweater, cowl or scarf like the one I just made!
I live in California, but I'm a Texan through and through. My ancestors were 'Cowboys and Indians" and I grew up both!

I spent 20 something years designing homes along the Gulf Coast and on California's coasts. Now retired, but busy ... living life ... having fun ;-)

I have been on PC's since they came out (long time ago). Made my first website in 1993 or 94.

I have a chronic disability, so please be patient.